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Email/Content #1

Subject 1: Overcome Binge Eating Disorder – Video
Subject 2: Do You Have Binge Eating Disorder?
Subject 3: Who Do You Know Who Binge Eats?


Do you personally, or do you know anyone struggling with an eating disorder?

The fact is, those with eating disorders are not so easy to spot, especially those with binge eating disorder.

When you have a moment, watch the video that Kristin (an ex-binge eater) made where she details what it was like when she suffered from binge eating disorder for so many years: (YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE)

Since 2005, Kristin has helped thousands of people overcome binge eating disorder and live the life that they deserve – not one that is completely consumed by food.

At the very least, check out the video, read the page, and share with a friend who may need this information: (YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE)

Thank you.


Email/Content #2

Subject 2: Emotional eating – It’s a real thing.


If you have been struggling with your body image, self worth, or even trying to accept and love yourself, it’s time to take a look at what the core issue is.

For some people, they turn to food not only when they are upset, but also when they are happy. Many don’t even know they have a “problem” for quite some time.

But as the problem emerges, so do the feelings that something isn’t quite right with them. Before long, they begin to live 2 separate lives. Their private live that binges on food, and their normal everyday life that they put on for others.

But over time, these 2 worlds begin to collide and create absolute havoc in their life.

Binge eating disorder, also known as compulsive eating or emotional eating is a very real disorder that effects millions of people.

One woman who suffered from binge eating disorder for many years took it on herself to figure out what the real root of the problem was. After many months of trial and error, she successfully overcame binge eating disorder and changes her entire life around.

Since 2005, Kristin has helped thousands others overcome binge eating disorder.  She’s not a doctor, nor a psychologist. She’s just a normal woman who finally figured out how to beat the monster that was controlling every aspect of her life.

Please take a couple minutes and watch this video: (YOUR AFFILIATE LINK)

See if you or anyone you know can relate to what she talks about on her website. This may be the ‘way out’ that you have been searching for.


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