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Now as you can imagine, I have received literally thousands of emails since 2005 from people just like you asking me all sorts of questions. Some were the same types of questions and some were unexpected and really made me think.

And as part of my belief in excellent customer service, I always get back to each and every single one of my customers.

About a year ago, I received an email from a woman named Kim who asked me if I had any sort of "frequently asked questions" document listing out all the questions I've received from others over the years.

I of course did not. Although I saved all of my emails and responses over the years, I certainly didn't take the time to go through thousands of emails and sort everything out. That would take me weeks - if not months to do!

But That's Exactly What I Did!

Now I'd be lying if I said that this was a simple project. And I gave up on it several dozen times because re-reading thousands of emails and pulling out only the best of the best questions and answers took me MONTHS!

I ended up with hundreds of pages in a Word document that I edited and re-edited several times to get it down to 75 pages of questions and answers. I then separated into several different categories for easier reading and referencing:

1. Binge Eating Disorder
2. Body Image
3. Food
4. Gym/Exercise/Videos
5. Health
6. Motivation
7. Weight Loss & All Things Weight Related

A Brand New Binge Eating Book Emerged!

Now I started to work on a new page to offer this book to the public, but I had second thoughts. Why?

Well for one, I get even more personal in this book. And second, because these are questions from people who have all read my book, this information needs to stay private - and only be made available to my customers.

Binge Eating QuestionsAnd so over the past several months the "End Binge Eating Q&A Report" has been selling for $29.97 to my customers in an exclusive offer made via email and not on my website or blog.

Many people have commented that this report was so helpful really helped them understand even more and get all of their unique questions answered. They loved reading questions from others who were having the same exact issues as them.

This report is not available anywhere else.

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  • Another 75 pages of information to help and support you overcome binge eating once and for all.
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  • Avoid mistakes others have made while overcoming binge eating disorder.
  • Hear from over 100 other people, read their struggles, and learn from my answers to their questions.
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